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Sankofa Educational Enrichment Program



A virtual, culturally relevant educational program designed for Black families and small groups!

"Knowing about your past can bring clarity to the present. It is important that people understand that. I feel my gift is being able to design experiences that can bring the past alive. Reading and memorizing dates in a history book does not ensure that the story is internalized."
- Dr. Kimya Moyo, Founder/Director, SEEP

Gain access to one year of Sankofa Explorations. 

Learn and explore activities together as a family.

Sankofa Explorations provides online educational resources that include on-demand history lessons and engaging activities for traditional families as well as mentoring organizations, church groups, afterschool programs, and others. All family enrollments must include at least one adult and a child/multiple children, aged 10+.

Sankofa Explorations' goal is to strengthen families by providing culturally-relevant activities that they can do together.  Sharing learning experiences and multi-generational adventures that highlight the full truth of our shared history - a legacy not just of oppression but also of resilience - becomes the glue that affirms Sankofa families and bonds them together. Working together is the Sankofa mantra; sustaining our historical legacy of resilience, while also strengthening family and community bonds, is our ultimate goal.


Families work together on each unit’s related educational activities:

TOUCHPOINTS: In-person and video conference opportunities to build community among participating families
JOURNEYS: Guided family activities in the community
EACH ONE TEACH ONE: Youth-led opportunities to teach the adults


  • The first lesson of every unit is done via Zoom, so that the concept of the unit is understood and so that we establish connections and a family spirit. 
  • Subsequent lessons are online and self-paced, so families can work together to complete each unit’s activities at their convenience.
  • Throughout each unit, Sankofa facilitators periodically meet with families for virtual touchpoints. 
  • End of the year touchpoints occur annually.  These are in-person weekend gatherings, full of activities, tours, celebratory events and displays of families’ completed “Must Do’s.”
  • In the following year, we start over again with new content so that families can continue to learn with us, year after year.

"Sankofa instilled in me a strong sense of self from an African perspective by teaching me about our History that far surpassed the ubiquitous facts shared with us about names like Dr. King and Harriet Tubman in the 28 days of Black History month."  

- Kellie Jenkins