Interracial Dating Online

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode of Not Another White Man's Podcast, co-hosts Brandee Blocker Anderson, Kendra Dawsey, Seanna Pieper-Jordan, and Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick discuss the intersections of race, class, ethnicity, and religion and how these identities impact our dating and marriage decisions. This podcast covers interracial dating, online dating sites, OkCupid, the history of interracial marriage; sexual racism; race, and dating apps.

This podcast discusses the pros and cons of interracial dating and interracial marriage and provides historical context on the history of interracial marriage and anti-miscegenation laws, highlighting the landmark United State Supreme Court Decision, Loving vs. Virginia, which outlawed anti-miscegenation laws aka interracial marriage laws.

We also discuss the issue of sexual racism or sexual preferences based on racist stereotypes, as well as racial filters on online datings, and the decision of some online dating sites, such as Tinder, to remove racial filters.

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