Build an Antiracist Organization

People need to feel confident in their ability to navigate shifting cultural landscapes, behavioral norms and group dynamics within their organizations.

We provide outcome-centered diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) support across all levels of an organization to identify and implement solutions to achieve institutional change. 

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Our Services

1:1 Executive Coaching

We offer 1:1 and small group coaching for executives and professionals to develop their DEI leadership skills and implement short and long-term organizational goals. 

We focus on topics, such as:

  • Recruiting, Hiring & Retaining Diverse Talent
  • Generating Support & Buy-In for DEI Initiatives
  • Preparing for and Responding to Push Back
  • Cultivating Intentional Allyship
  • Navigating Courageous Conversations
  • Operationalizing Inclusion DEI Action Planning
  • Forming Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • Tracking & Measuring DEI Success
  • Fast-Tracking Diverse Talent Acquisition
  • Managing Your DEI Role
  • Promoting Equity in the Workplace

Live & Asynchronous


We offer a broad range of industry-specific live sessions and tailor-made, asynchronous video trainings for a wide range of sectors, including nonprofits, law, health care, technology, finance, architecture, retail, sports, entertainment, and media.

Customized workshops and video lessons on topics, such as:

  • Interrupting and mitigating implicit and explicit bias 
  • Practicing intentional inclusion techniques
  • Industry-specific DEI workshops 
  • Reducing micro-aggressions in the workplace
  • Engaging + managing effectively across difference
  • Building trust within a diverse organization
  • Creating the space where everyone’s voice is heard
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Cultivating allyship and inclusive behaviors
  • Fostering inclusive leadership
  • Ensuring equitable + inclusive interviewing
  • Practicing active, inclusive listening
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Managing stress, through mindfulness for productive communication
  • Diversifying external stakeholders, such as suppliers, donors and customers

Marketing & Communications Support

From messaging to video production, we help organizations effectively communicate their DEI values, goals, and programming. We support marketing and sales teams in creating consistent, inclusive and restorative messaging, including:

  • Internal and external communications
  • Full-service video production capabilities for marketing, training, and communications departments
  • Idea-generators for innovative market-driven products and services 
  • In-person and virtual event planning for diverse audiences
  • Attracting diverse, loyal customers and expanding brand exposure across markets 
  • Leveraging pipelines, partnerships and relationships to build trust and brand recognition
  • Communication audits and reviews
  • DEI-focused rubrics and sample copy



DEI Assessments & Data Analysis

We offer an interdisciplinary, intersectional data-driven approach to understanding your organization's DEI needs.

Our equity audits include:

  • Focus groups
  • 1:1 Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Procedural and Policy Audits
  • Workforce assessments & pulse checks
  • Customized needs analysis
  • Diagnostic Racial Equity Evaluation
  • Interactive Workshops to Build Consiousness and Raise Awareness
  • Ongoing Executivne Coaching and Accountability Partnership
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • After-Action Review

Public Speaking Engagements

We use storytelling to deliver high-impact, interactive dialogues that inspire audiences and leaders to proactively implement organizational DEI goals.

We deliver keynote addresses, speeches, guest lectures, and inspirational talks to audiences, ranging from attorneys and judges, medical and other licensed professionals, corporate executives and faith communities, politicians and grassroots activists.

Our message centers on power, privilege and intersectionality, covering a wide range of issues impacting Black, Indigenous and other People of Color through a critical race, intersectional, restorative justice lens.  

Other Offerings

Our other offerings include:

  • Affinity Spaces
  • Detailed DEI Action Plans
  • Antiracist Mindfulness Sessions
  • Toolkits
  • Working Groups

Powerful, Eye-Opening Session


"We had an incredibly powerful session at our offsite which promoted open, vulnerable, and action-oriented conversations. The Antiracism Academy facilitated difficult conversations with grace and empathy. I came away from the session more informed and with next steps on how I can become a better leader and ally." 

- Salesforce Executive


Amazing Session


"This was the single best DEI session I’ve had. It forced me to think critically, tap into new emotions and come up with pragmatic ideas to implement today."

- Salesforce Executive







Outstanding Content & Facilitation


"Very powerful to see the range of places people are at on the journey. The Antiracism Academy created a safe, kind, warm, grace-filled & humorous environment. You are putting a dent in the universe- thank you for all you do! I’d love to help you scale your content & business!"

- Salesforce Executive





"I want to thank The Antiracism Academy for providing strong content, relevant history, and a great interactive experience while maintaining a safe space. The day was filled with inspiration, difficult discussions, and gratitude. Brandee, David, and Mary Beth were well versed, knowledgeable, and did a great job facilitating our team. I look forward to working with them more as we continue down this journey." 

- Salesforce Executive