Top 5 Reasons to Talk to Your Kids about Race

Although we may think that kids don't notice race, they actually start showing signs of racial bias as early as two years old. Young children are constantly viewing, understanding, and processing the information they are bombarded with to retain for future use.

Your kid notices race and quickly absorbs information and experiences around them. Therefore, we cannot slack on educating our children about race as early as possible.

To shape the future leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow, we need to build a strong foundation of knowledge. To help you on your journey to antiracist parenting, here are the top five reasons you should start speaking to your children about race today

#5: Kids notice race very early on

There is a common myth that children are too young to notice race; people often think that we develop conceptions about race as we become more critical thinkers.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children learn about race pretty quickly...

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